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Honey Mustard

I bought the tree first volumes of Honey Mustard a few days ago.

This is what TokyoPop says about volume 1:
Love at Second Sight!

Ara has had a crush on the hottest boy in high school. When she works up the nerve to ask him out, she gets all glammed up ... and boozed up ... and ends up kissing Young-Woo, the wrong boy!

The juicy smooch is witnessed by the school's puritanical chaperone, who tells their strict families. With everyone in an uproar, the only way these angry families will be appeased is if the two get married ... and have kids!

My opinion: I thought the series is really good, I'm actually planning to buy volume 4 later today.

Read more about this manga here.

Art: 5
Story: 4
My total rating for this manga: 4-5
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